Thursday, December 02, 2004

Panama Character References

We have several repeat performers . . . in some cases, three-peats!

ATWILL, Lionel
Clive Compton in Charlie Chan in Panama
Dr. Suderman in Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise

Captain Lewis in Charlie Chan in Panama
Jed Thomasson in Dead Men Tell

Soldier (unconfirmed) in Charlie Chan in Panama
Edwards in Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

R.J. Godley in Charlie Chan in Panama
John Adams in The Shanghai Cobra

Curtis Whitman in Charlie Chan in Reno
Richard Cabot in Panama
Ralph Percy in Murder Over New York

Soldier (unconfirmed) inCharlie Chan in Panama
Sergeant McGraw in The Scarlet Clue

Lab Technician in Charlie Chan on Broadway
Police Chemist in Charlie Chan in Reno
Colonel D.C. Webster in Charlie Chan in Panama

STEVENS, Charles
Fisherman/Cameraman in Charlie Chan in Panama
Manuel (thug leader) in The Feathered Serpent

Taxi Driver (Henchman) in Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Joe in Charlie Chan in Charlie Chan at the Race Track


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