Thursday, December 23, 2004

Dictionary Entries for Charlie Chan at the Circus

We have several entries from Charlie Chan at the Circus for our Chan Dictionary this week!

DOPE: Information .
(Lt. Macy: "Now, here's the dope.")

GRILLING (slang): To question relentlessly, to cross-examine.

HONKY-TONKY: A cheap bar or dance hall.
(Lady Tiny: "He was only used to honky-tonks.")

JUG (slang): A jail.
(Lt. Macy: "I'm going to give them a few hours in the jug.")

ON THE UP AND UP (slang): The truth.
(Lt. Macy: "This marriage certificate is on the up and up.")

PINCH (slang): To take into custody.
(Lt. Macy: " . . . I'm going to pinch the whole show.")

(1) A dance of Cuban origin, combining complex footwork with a pronounced movement of the hips.
(2) A modern ballroom adaptation of this dance.
(3) Music for this dance or in this style.


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