Thursday, December 09, 2004

Charlie Chan Movies Practice Recycling!

Yes, the Chan movies practice recycling!

But they re-use actors, not fertilizer, although there are those who might disagree about the Monogram years!

Our CC in Rio group include some all-time favorites (like Kay Linaker and Iris Wong) and a real pip in the person of Cobina Wright, Jr.!

Charlie Chan in Rio was one of two Chan movies that Kay Linaker made with Iris Wong, the other one being Charlie Chan in Reno.

One of Kay's students at Keene College in New Hampshire reports that Ms. Linaker told her students there was quite a bit going on the set behind the lights that make watching the movie that much more fun.

Kay said that Ms. Wong and Victor Sen Yung looked to be such a cute couple that they kept trying to get the two together. Finally, the younger actress confessed that she had already married in secret. Our Kay eventually became Godmother to her child!

Kay also said that sparks flew between scenes between Mary Beth Hughes and Cobina Wright, both in the only Chan movie they ever made.

Hughes had worked her way up in studio parts to earn second billing where Wright felt that she had been THE Debutante of her year and should have gotten higher billing. Makes you wonder if they needed hairdressers on the set in case any "cat fights" occurred!

An ironic note is that where the match-making didn't work between Wong and Yung, Mary Beth Hughes and Ted North (Clarke Denton) married in 1943. They had a child together before divorcing in 1947. She may have been pregnant with that child when making "I Accuse My Parents." ( ) There is at least one scene (where Hughes is resting on a sofa) where she looks like she might be fairly along in a pregnancy.

On to the other actors:

DERR, Richard
Ken Reynolds in Charlie Chan in Rio
Carl Dethridge in Castle in the Desert

BORDEN, Eugene
Hotel Clerk in Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo
Gendarme in City in Darkness
Armando in Charlie Chan in Rio

Captain Kane of the Suva Star in Dead Men Tell
Paul Wagner in Charlie Chan in Rio

Rice, the butler, in Charlie Chan in Rio
Professor Henry Farnsworth in The Feathered Serpent

HUBER, Harold Chief Inspector Nelson of the NYPD in Charlie Chan on Broadway French Police Inspector in Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo Marcel in City in Darkness Chief Suoto in Charlie Chan in Rio

Joan Karnoff in Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo
Mrs. Wayne Russell in Charlie Chan in Reno
"Seance Spirit" in Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
Linda Pendleton in Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
Barbara Cardozo

MacFADDEN, Hamillton
[Val Martino] The Director, in The Black Camel
The Night Clerk in Charlie Chan in Reno
Bill Kellogg in Charlie Chan in Rio

Complainant [The "Red Light" Woman] at the Police Station in City of Darkness
Margo, the cook, in Charlie Chan in Rio

WONG, Iris
Number 2 Daughter in Charlie Chan in Honolulu
Choy Wong in Charlie Chan in Rio
Lili Wong in Charlie chan in Rio


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