Sunday, December 05, 2004

Calendar Conundrums

Hole-ly Calendar, Charlie!

Yes, we have a hole or two in the Chan Calendar that eventually may be filled . . . she typed, optimistically!

The rest of the time, all we can do is report what has been saved, thanks to such diligent researchers as Rush Glick ( - and, no, I'm not a paid employee of his!!)

Two such holes exist in the December production files for the Charlie Chan movies.

The first one was Charlie Chan's Chance. The closest we can come to when Fox Films completed production is in early December of 1931.

The second proves that some things slipped through ALL the studios, regardless of size and/0r quality because the closest we can come to when Monogram Pictures produced The Sky Dragon was in December of 1948.

A side note: Has everybody emailed to Santa Claus just which Charlie Chan movies you want for Christmas?! Better hurry up and get with it!

Merry Christmas!


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