Friday, December 31, 2004

Blooping Your Way Through Egypt

We have some real pips in the blooper department for Charlie Chan in Egypt:

1. The aerial shots of the Sphinx as Chan is flying over don't match.

2. Charlie's hat is nice, neat and clean when it's blown off his head. It's dusty when Snowshoes finds it and puts a dent in it when he steps on it to stop it from blowing further away. It's nice, neat and clean again when Snowshoes hands it back to Charlie

3. They need only four men to move Ameti's sarcophagous. It took more than that to move Tutankhamen, plus a block-and-tackle to remove the outer sarcarphoggj.

4. How many men carried razors like Snowshoes apparently did in their every day life?!

5. The amulet that's supposed to be around the mummy's neck is seen through the x-ray to be lying on the body like it had been in the wrapping when the body was prepared.


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