Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Acting, Panama-Style!

Charlie Chan goes to Panama and we get to go along with the usual assortment of suspicious characters, played by the usual excellent assortment of actors!

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan

Victor Sen Yung (as Sen Yung): Jimmy Chan

Jean Rogers: Kathi Lenesch (aka Baroness Kathi von Czardas)

Kane Richmond: Richard Cabot

Jack La Rue: Emil Manolo

Frank Puglia: Achmed Halide

Mary Nash: Miss Jennie Finch

Lionel Royce: Dr. Rudolph Grosser

Lionel Atwill: Cliveden Compton

Chris-Pin Martin: The Lieutenant of Police

Edwin Stanley: Colonel D.C. Webster

Donald Douglas: Captain Lewis

Addison Richards: R.J. Godley

Helen Ericson: The Stewardess

Eddie Acuff: Dance Sailor Suspicious of Kathi

Edward Keane: Army Doctor

Alberto Morin: The Hotel Desk Clerk

Edward Gargan: The Plant Workman

Charles Stevens: Fisherman-Cameraman Spy

Lane Chandler: Powerhouse Search Leader

Allen F. Davis: Soldier (unconfirmed)

Harold Goodwin: Soldier (unconfirmed)

Max Wagner: Soldier (unconfirmed)

Jimmy Aubrey: Extra (drunk fisherman with cigar dangling from mouth at club) (uncredited)


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