Sunday, November 21, 2004

A Time Tunnel for Docks of New Orleans

I am starting a new addition for Charlie Chan Annex--and, as frequently happens, it's thanks to Rush Glick and his Charlie Chan Chronology at Check it out!

In the future, I'll be posting memorable days in the lives of Earl Derr Biggers, Chang Apana, or the actors. There will be memorable moments of the day, like November 25, 1947, will be the anniversary of when Monogram completes "Docks of New Orleans."

Or . . . today is all "Docks of New Orleans" day: Monogram began production on November 17 of 1947 and completed it on the 25th.

Nine days by my calculator (which is notorious for being way off but I'll try to be as accurate as possible here!)!!

They release it on March 21, 1948. Hmm . . . makes you wonder why it took almost 4 months to release it!


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