Monday, November 15, 2004

Mrs. Chan Strikes Again!

Mrs. Chan* is offering an appetizer for the holidays, Jalapeno Rolls, from one of her daughters-in-law.

It's different and easy to prepare so you might like to use it for the holidays!

Jalapeno Rolls

Clean jalapeno peppers of their seeds, being very careful to wash your hands afterwards to keep the oil out of your eyes.

Dice the peppers and green peppers and mix into enough cream cheese to spread over flour tortillas.

Roll the tortillas and slice them into bite-size pieces and arrange on a plate.


*Mrs. Chan being my mother, Becky Truesdale, in this case!


Blogger Rush Glick said...

This recipe is spicy, indeed, and one I would like to try! Be sure to have plenty of ice water ready!!!

15/11/04 2:38 PM  

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