Sunday, November 14, 2004

I'm Back in Time for Red Dragon!

Well, I'm pretty well caught up now, after computer problems, and ready in time for The Red Dragon for Rush Glick's Monday Night Chat!!!

But, once again, you can't tell the players without a program!

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan

Fortunio Bonanova: Inspector Luis Carvero

Benson Fong: Tommy Chan

Willie Best: Cattanooga Brown

Carol Hughes: Marguerite Fontain

Barton Yarborough: Joseph Brandish

Don Costello: Charles Masack

George Meeker: Edmond Slade

Marjorie Hoshelle: Countess Irena Masak

Mildred Boyd: Josephine

Barbara Jean Wong (as Jean Wong): Iris Ling

Robert Emmett Keane: Alfred Wyans

Donnald D. Taylor (as Donald Dexter Taylor): Walter Dorn

Lucio Villegas: Police Scientist

Charles Trowbridge: Prentiss

Richard Lopez: Bellhop

Augie Gomez: Cab Ddriver

Toni Raimando: Powder Room Attendant


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