Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Charlie Chan in New Orleans

This week is Roland Winters is Charlie Chan in this remake of Mr. Wong, Detective, with quite a bit of the original script carried over.

The rest of the actors are:

Roland Winters: Charlie Chan

Virginia Dale: Rene

Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown

John Gallaudet: Captain McNalley

Victor Sen Yung: Tommy Chan

Carol Forman: Nita Aguirre

Douglas Fowley: Grock

Harry Hayden: Oscar Swenstrom

Howard Negley: Pereaux

Stanley Andrews: Von Scherbe

Emmett Vogan: Henri Castanara

Boyd Irwin: Simon La Fontanne

Rory Mallison: Thompson

George J. Lewis: Dansiger

Paul Conrad: District Attorney

Dian Fautelle: Mrs. Swenstrom

Haywood Jones: Mobile

Forrest Matthews: Detective

Fred Miller: Armed Guard

Larry Steers: Doctor

Frank Stephens: Sergeant

Ferris Taylor: Dr. Doobie

Wally Walker: Chauffeur

Eric Wilton: Butler


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