Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Chan Cast Shanghai-ed to China

We go back to an early Charlie Chan entry with Warner Oland this week.

Charlie Chan goes to Shanghai on vacation. At least that's the official reason.

However, our man Chan is there undercover for the U. S. Government to work with his counter-parts there to ferret out dope smugglers using Shanghai as a base.

Our actors this week are:

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan

Irene Hervery: Diana Woodland

Jon Hall (as Charles Locher): Philip Nash

Russell Hicks: James Andrews

Keye Luke: Lee Chan

Halliwell Hobbes: Colonel Watkins, police commissioner

Frederick Vogeding: Ivan Marloff 9mistakenly listed as "Burke" in on-screen credits) (as Frederik Vogeding)

Neil Fitzgerald: Unidentified (Script name: Dakin)

Max Wagner: Taxi Driver Henchman

Lynn Bari: (Unconfirmed)

Luke Chan: reporter (uncredited)

Jack Chefe: Reporter (uncredited)

Frank Darien: Bespectacled (uncredited)

Harrison Greene: Tourist in Versailles Cafe (uncredited)

Charles Haefeli: Crook on Boat (uncredited)

Eddie Hart: "G" Man (uncredited)

Russell Hopton: "G" Man (uncredited)

Gladden James: Forrest, Valet (uncredited)

Colin Kenny: Reporter (uncredited)

Eddie Lee: Servant

Jame B. Leong: Shanghai Police Operator (uncredited)

Torben Meyer: French Diplomat (uncredited)

Moy Ming: Sun Wong (uncredited)

Pat O'Malley: Belden (uncredited)

Jimmy Phillips: Reporter (uncredited)

Regina Rambeau: (uncredited)

Pat Somerset: Reporter (uncredited)

Harry Strang: Chauffeur (uncredited)

Phil Tead: Rporter (uncredited)

Sammee Tong: Waiter (uncredited)

David Torrence: Sir Stanely Woodland

Guy Usher: President of Shanghai Chamber of Comcer (uncredited)

Jehim Wong: Ricksahw Boy at Dock (uncredited)

Walter Wong: Waiter (uncredited)


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