Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Answers to the Shanghai Bonus Questions

And now the answers to the bonus questions:

1. The actress that played Charlie Chan's # 1 daughter in The Black Camel is the same actress that was on the other end of Lee's female telephone calls in Shanghai.

2. The police use a tell-tale thumbprint with a scar in both Paris and Shanghai.

3. Both Shanghai and Shanghai Chest have music: Charlie sings in Shanghai in a charming scene where he's surrounded by children and Tommy (on violin) and Birmingham (on piano) play a duet of The Chop Suey Boogie!


Blogger Chris M. said...

You forgot to mention, Tommy's butchering of "La Cucuarcha" (?) in The Feathered Serpent. Then again, it wasn't really singing was it? More like torture.


1/12/04 7:10 AM  

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