Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Answers to the Shanghai Bonus Questions

And now the answers to the bonus questions:

1. The actress that played Charlie Chan's # 1 daughter in The Black Camel is the same actress that was on the other end of Lee's female telephone calls in Shanghai.

2. The police use a tell-tale thumbprint with a scar in both Paris and Shanghai.

3. Both Shanghai and Shanghai Chest have music: Charlie sings in Shanghai in a charming scene where he's surrounded by children and Tommy (on violin) and Birmingham (on piano) play a duet of The Chop Suey Boogie!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Shanghai's "Princess Ming Lo Fu"

In "Charlie Chan in Shanghai," we have Warner Oland singing the delightful "Princess Ming Lo Fu."

Warner Oland had as good a singing voice as his speaking voice. It's a shame that he didn't get to use it more. Oland's career had an ironic twist in light of this hidden talent of his: He played Cantor Rabinowitz, the father of Al Jolson's character (Jakie Rabinowhitz/Jack Robin) in "The Jazz Singer." This 1927 partial-sound musical was a pivotal point in Hollywood history, marking the beginning of the end of silent movies.

Another irony is that the song, "Princess Ming Lo Fu makes reference to Fu Manchu, a character that Oland played in at least two other movies.

On to the lyrics:

Princess Ming Lo Fu*
Long the journey, hard the way,
But his heart was gay,
For, was he not a Prince both strong and brave,
Vowed a princess fair to save?
And he slew the dreadful dragon,
Even cut off his seven heads;
And in this cave he found the Princess
Bound in her lowly bed.
Then came they both back to the land
Of the mighty Emperor Fu Manchu,
To claim his reward, the dainty hand
Of lovely Ming Lo Fu."
(*Thanks again to Rush Glick at his great website:

Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Charlie Chan Dictionary for CC in Shanghai

Today is another dictionary day for The Charlie Chan Annex!

EGG FOO YOUNG (egg fu yung): A Chinese omelette containing onions and celery and chopped meat or fish.
(Charlie Chan: "Will have coffee, rolls, marmalade, and very large omlette--foo yung."

G-MAN: Government man; a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

LEAGUE OF NATIONS: A world organization established in 1920 to promote international cooperation and peace. It was first proposed in 1918 by President Woodrow Wilson, although the United States never joined the League. Essentially powerless, it was officially dissolved in 1946.

SARSAPARILLAS: Any of several tropical American plants of the genus Smilax, having fragrant roots used as a flavoring. The dried roots of any of these plants. A sweet soft drink flavored with these roots.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Shanghai Bonus Questions

We have three bonus questions for Charlie Chan in Shanghai!

1. What do The Black Camel and CC in Shanghai have in common?

2. What do CC in Paris and CC in Shanghai have in common?

3. What do CC in Shanghai and The Shanghai Chest have in common, besides the word "Shanghai"?

Friday, November 26, 2004

Shanghai Bloopers

This first one isn't exactly a blooper--more a matter of bad continuity that we can find too often in the Charlie Chan series!

Charlie Chan doesn't drink champagne in Shanghai or at the Race Track, preferring Sasparilla, but he does drink the "bubbly" in Paris.

There is a blooper at the end, dealing with a scene between Russell Hicks as James Andrews and Warner Oland as our Charlie.

Chan is explaining how he knew what happened in a shot of both of them in the frame when the camera cuts to a close up of Hicks by himself. Hicks pushes his hat back on his head and makes a dumb face that doesn't match the next shot of the two of them together!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish
everyone a very
Happy and Merry

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Shanghai Reruns

We're back to "reruns!" These are more of the character actors who fleshed out and added to the fabric of Moviedom!

BARI, Lynn:
Unconfirmed in Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Nightclub Patron in "Le Singue Bleu": Charlie Chan in Paris
Marie Dubon: City in Darkness

CHAN, Luke:
Reporter: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Wu Song: The Chinese Cat

Unidentified (Script Name: Dakin): Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Undetermined Role (uncredited): Charlie Chan at the Race Track

HAEFELI, Charles:
Crook on Board Boat: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Pickpocket: Charlie Chan on Broadway

HART, Eddie:
"G"-man: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
detective: Charlie Chan at the Race Track

HICKS, Russell:
James Andrews: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Warden Cameron: Dark Alibi
District Attorney Bronson: The Shanghai Chest

JAMES, Gladden
Forrest, Valet: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Secretary: Charlie Chan at the Opera

KENNY, Colin
Reporter: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Judge: Charlie Chan at the Race Track

Beldon: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Track Official: Charlie Chan at the Race Track

President of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Inspector Regan: Charlie Chan at the Opera

VOGEDING, Frederick:
Ivan (as Frederik Vogeding): Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Inspector Strasser (as Frederik Vogeding): Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Captain (as Frederick Vogeding): City in Darkness

Taxi Driver Henchman: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Joe: Charlie Chan at the Race Track

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Chan Cast Shanghai-ed to China

We go back to an early Charlie Chan entry with Warner Oland this week.

Charlie Chan goes to Shanghai on vacation. At least that's the official reason.

However, our man Chan is there undercover for the U. S. Government to work with his counter-parts there to ferret out dope smugglers using Shanghai as a base.

Our actors this week are:

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan

Irene Hervery: Diana Woodland

Jon Hall (as Charles Locher): Philip Nash

Russell Hicks: James Andrews

Keye Luke: Lee Chan

Halliwell Hobbes: Colonel Watkins, police commissioner

Frederick Vogeding: Ivan Marloff 9mistakenly listed as "Burke" in on-screen credits) (as Frederik Vogeding)

Neil Fitzgerald: Unidentified (Script name: Dakin)

Max Wagner: Taxi Driver Henchman

Lynn Bari: (Unconfirmed)

Luke Chan: reporter (uncredited)

Jack Chefe: Reporter (uncredited)

Frank Darien: Bespectacled (uncredited)

Harrison Greene: Tourist in Versailles Cafe (uncredited)

Charles Haefeli: Crook on Boat (uncredited)

Eddie Hart: "G" Man (uncredited)

Russell Hopton: "G" Man (uncredited)

Gladden James: Forrest, Valet (uncredited)

Colin Kenny: Reporter (uncredited)

Eddie Lee: Servant

Jame B. Leong: Shanghai Police Operator (uncredited)

Torben Meyer: French Diplomat (uncredited)

Moy Ming: Sun Wong (uncredited)

Pat O'Malley: Belden (uncredited)

Jimmy Phillips: Reporter (uncredited)

Regina Rambeau: (uncredited)

Pat Somerset: Reporter (uncredited)

Harry Strang: Chauffeur (uncredited)

Phil Tead: Rporter (uncredited)

Sammee Tong: Waiter (uncredited)

David Torrence: Sir Stanely Woodland

Guy Usher: President of Shanghai Chamber of Comcer (uncredited)

Jehim Wong: Ricksahw Boy at Dock (uncredited)

Walter Wong: Waiter (uncredited)

The Answer for Docks' Bonus Question

What The Chinese Ring and Docks of New Orleans have in common is that they are both remakes of James Lee Wong movies.

Ring was the remake of Mr. Wong in Chinatown and Docks had originally been Mr. Wong, Detective.

Monday, November 22, 2004

A Time Capsule Today!

Today is Roland Winters' 100 Birthday!

And since Rush Glick has done a better job writing about it, I'm linking the Annex to his Charlie Chan Family Message Board for your convenience in reading the article!


Just click on where it says "Enter My Forum" and you'll have a good read!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

A Time Tunnel for Docks of New Orleans

I am starting a new addition for Charlie Chan Annex--and, as frequently happens, it's thanks to Rush Glick and his Charlie Chan Chronology at http://charliechanfamily.tripod.com/id69.html. Check it out!

In the future, I'll be posting memorable days in the lives of Earl Derr Biggers, Chang Apana, or the actors. There will be memorable moments of the day, like November 25, 1947, will be the anniversary of when Monogram completes "Docks of New Orleans."

Or . . . today is all "Docks of New Orleans" day: Monogram began production on November 17 of 1947 and completed it on the 25th.

Nine days by my calculator (which is notorious for being way off but I'll try to be as accurate as possible here!)!!

They release it on March 21, 1948. Hmm . . . makes you wonder why it took almost 4 months to release it!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Mrs. Chan's Healthy Holiday Eating!

Mrs. Chan is concerned that everyone have a happy Thanksgiving but she worries about everyone eating healthily.

So Mrs. Chan is passing along some handy guidelines to help us get past our national Turkey Day with little to no problem:

1. Foods that are frozen have no calories because calories are units of heat.
EXAMPLES: Ice Cream, frozen pies, and popsicles.

2. Foods that have the same color have the same number of calories, e.g. spinach and pistachio ice cream; mushrooms and white chocolate.
NOTE: chocolate is a universal color and maybe substituted for any other food color without increasing caloric content.

3. Things licked off knives and spoons have no calories if you are in the process of preparing something.
EXAMPLES: Peanut butter on a knife when making a sandwich, ice cream on a spoon when making a sundae.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Rush Glick's Chat Room Picks

I thought I'd go ahead and post the December movies for Rush Glick's Chat Room so we would have something to focus on and help get us past Turkey Day!

Rush has picked some all time greats . . . so everybody stock up on your sodas, candy and popcorn for some good viewing next month!


6--Charlie Chan in Panama (A good choice with Pearl Harbor Day on Dec. 7.)

13--Charlie Chan in Rio (A fun entry by anybody's standards!)

20--The Chinese Cat (What can I say, being partial to kitties!)

27--Charlie Chan at the Circus ('Nuff said.)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

A Bonus Question for Docks of New Orleans

The bonus question for Docks of New Orleans is:

What do The Chinese Ring and Docks of New Orleans have in common?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Chan Actors Guilty of Two-timing

As always, there are actors in Docks of New Orleans who appear in other Chans (and were added assets, as always!):

ANDREWS, Stanley
Inspector Vessey in Dead Men Tell
Von Scherbe in Docks of New Orleans

FOWLEY, Douglas
Johnny Burke in Charlie Chan on Broadway
Grock in Docks of New Orleans

Craig Winfield, alias Jeff Hay in Shadows Over Chinatown
Captain McNalley in Docks of New Orleans

Chemistry Professor in Charlie Chan in Reno
Oscar Swenstrom in Docks in New Orleans

LEWIS, George J.
Paul Arranto (as George Lewis) in Charlie Chan in Secret Service
Dansiger in Docks of New Orleans
Captain Juan Gonzalez in The Feathered Serpent

NEGLEY, Howard
Cole King, Impresario, in The Trap
Pereaux in Docks of New Orleans

VOGAN, Emmett
Smitty, Wire-photo technician in Charlie Chan at the Opera
Ship's Officer in Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Hotel Manager in Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
Prosecuting Attorney in Charlie Chan in the Wax Museum
Mr. Hamilton in the Scarlet Clue
Henri Castanara in Docks of New Orleans
Doctor in The Sky Dragon

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Charlie Chan in New Orleans

This week is Roland Winters is Charlie Chan in this remake of Mr. Wong, Detective, with quite a bit of the original script carried over.

The rest of the actors are:

Roland Winters: Charlie Chan

Virginia Dale: Rene

Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown

John Gallaudet: Captain McNalley

Victor Sen Yung: Tommy Chan

Carol Forman: Nita Aguirre

Douglas Fowley: Grock

Harry Hayden: Oscar Swenstrom

Howard Negley: Pereaux

Stanley Andrews: Von Scherbe

Emmett Vogan: Henri Castanara

Boyd Irwin: Simon La Fontanne

Rory Mallison: Thompson

George J. Lewis: Dansiger

Paul Conrad: District Attorney

Dian Fautelle: Mrs. Swenstrom

Haywood Jones: Mobile

Forrest Matthews: Detective

Fred Miller: Armed Guard

Larry Steers: Doctor

Frank Stephens: Sergeant

Ferris Taylor: Dr. Doobie

Wally Walker: Chauffeur

Eric Wilton: Butler

Monday, November 15, 2004

Mrs. Chan Strikes Again!

Mrs. Chan* is offering an appetizer for the holidays, Jalapeno Rolls, from one of her daughters-in-law.

It's different and easy to prepare so you might like to use it for the holidays!

Jalapeno Rolls

Clean jalapeno peppers of their seeds, being very careful to wash your hands afterwards to keep the oil out of your eyes.

Dice the peppers and green peppers and mix into enough cream cheese to spread over flour tortillas.

Roll the tortillas and slice them into bite-size pieces and arrange on a plate.


*Mrs. Chan being my mother, Becky Truesdale, in this case!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I'm Back in Time for Red Dragon!

Well, I'm pretty well caught up now, after computer problems, and ready in time for The Red Dragon for Rush Glick's Monday Night Chat!!!

But, once again, you can't tell the players without a program!

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan

Fortunio Bonanova: Inspector Luis Carvero

Benson Fong: Tommy Chan

Willie Best: Cattanooga Brown

Carol Hughes: Marguerite Fontain

Barton Yarborough: Joseph Brandish

Don Costello: Charles Masack

George Meeker: Edmond Slade

Marjorie Hoshelle: Countess Irena Masak

Mildred Boyd: Josephine

Barbara Jean Wong (as Jean Wong): Iris Ling

Robert Emmett Keane: Alfred Wyans

Donnald D. Taylor (as Donald Dexter Taylor): Walter Dorn

Lucio Villegas: Police Scientist

Charles Trowbridge: Prentiss

Richard Lopez: Bellhop

Augie Gomez: Cab Ddriver

Toni Raimando: Powder Room Attendant

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Technical Difficulties

We have been having major computer problems.

Unfortunately, I am again online but will be spending the next few days dealing with the aftermath.

Please bear with us!

Take care,