Wednesday, October 13, 2004

You Are Invited to a Virtual Halloween Party!

You are cordially invited to a
Virtual Halloween Party at
The Charlie Chan Family Home
In the Chat Room
On Monday Night
At 8:00 to 10: PM (EST),
Virtual Disguise requested
As a Chan Movie Character
. . . . .
Those characters already taken are:
Aunt Ling
Black Hook
Dr. Cream
Eve Cairo
Lady Tiny
Madame Saturnia
Miss Finch
Mr. Manderley
Mrs. Lowell
Mrs. Pendleton
Puzzums (aka Lucifer in CC's Secret)
Speed Patton
Oscar, the Lion (?)
. . . . .
Our Menu:
Bloody Marys
Bat-Shaped Tortillas
With Exorcist Guacamole
And Bloody Salsa
Centipede Garlic Bread
Devil's Eyeball Eggs
Ghost Cookies
Lady Fingers
Lots of "Spirits"
Spagetti with Eyeballs
Vampire Cupcakes
. . . . .
Our spooky link for today is
Yes, it not only covers my home state
but my home town, as well!
We couldn't let every "body"
else have all the fun!


Blogger Chris M. said...

Rats!! This will be the third year that I'll have to miss the Halloween Party! I had hoped the 4am shift would carry me through so I might attend but alas it's not to be.


13/10/04 4:03 PM  

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