Saturday, October 09, 2004

There's No Secret to Chan Actors!

Charlie Chan's Secret is one of the entries in the series where Charlie is "on his own"--no kids or chauffeurs around to help him.

While this didn't happen that often, Charlie still had help in the role of Baxter, the Lowell butler, played by the malleable-faced Herbert Mundin. Baxter/Mundin brought a special quality to Secrets. The role is somewhat suggestive of the later part of the Chan chauffeur, Birmingham Brown (Mantan Moreland), but is still memorable in it's humor as acted by Mundin.

Another thing about Secrets--and makes it perfect viewing for Halloween!--is the psychic aspect. Carlotta (Gloria Roy) isn't the only medium in the Chan movies. Pauline Moore's Eve Cairo (Treasure Island) is probably better known. Both parts are played to good effect, however, in the sense that they come across as women who you could really believe could contact "the other side" without any flim-flam about it.

Our cast of characters follows as I go check on the chains rattling in the attic.
Call the Ghost Busters if I'm not back in 10 minutes. On second thought--make it five!

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan

Rosina Lawrence: Alice Lowell

Charles Quigley: Dick Williams, her fiance

Henrietta Crossman: Henrietta Lowell

Edward Trevor: Fred Gage, Janice's husband

Astid Allwyn: Janice Lowell Gage

Herbert Mundin: Baxter, the Butler

Jonathan Hale: Warren T. Phelps

Egon Brecher: Ulrich, the Caretaker

Gloria Roy: Carlotta, the Medium

Ivan Miller: Morton, of Homicide

Arthur Edmund Carewe: Professor Bowen, Mrs. Lowell's advisor on psychic researtch

William Bailey: Detective Harris (not credited)

Francis Ford: Captain of the salvage boat (not credited)

James T. Mack: Fingerprint Man (not credited)

Jerry Miley: Allen Colby (not credited)

Landers Stevens: Coroner (not credited)

Sid Jordan: Expert Marksman (not credited)

Charles Ernest: Salvage Diver (not credited)

. . . . .
I'm back. It was just the neighborhood squirrels up in the attic. I just can't figure out how they ever managed to make those metallic chain sounds . . . .
Before I forget, today's occult link is to the Queen Mary. They even have a live cam (as opposed to what?!) that refreshes every 1.5 to 3 seconds. The haunting history of this retired grande dame of the seas has been highlighted on such shows as Unexplained Mysteries with Robert Stack.
So click on it, sit back and get ready for a hauntingly good time!


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