Saturday, October 09, 2004

Some Not So Secret Bloopers!

It's blooper time in blogdom again and starts at the beginning of the movie!

A salvage crew has found a wreckage site that reportedly had Allen Colby aboard--just the man Charlie Chan has been hired to find.

The problem is that when Colby and his effects are brought up . . . his briefcase seems wet in the long shot but bone dry in the close up.

Chan inspects the papers inside the briefcase in the captain's cabin. The papers inside not only look dry but they look like they'd never BEEN wet!

Contrary to what may have been described as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay, it was more likely the unfinished Oakland Bay Bridge. (Courtesy of Rush Glick)

Allan Colby's lousy peripheral vision when he's killed at Colby House isn't any surprise to anyone who's seen enough old movies to realize that NOBODY in Hollywood apparently had any peripheral vision. The blooper is how did the murder manage to throw that big a dagger through that small a hole in the wall and hit a target that far away well enough to kill Colby?!

Dick Williams keeps changing how he rests his arms in the seance room at Colby House when he meets Alice Lowell there.

Just how does Allen Colby's body appear at the seance? For that matter, just who tried to kill him as described in his journal that Chan reads at the beginning of the movie?

This isn't strictly a blooper but . . . Chan puts a vase on the seance table after he's discovered how Mrs. Lowell was murdered. Freeze the frame when the bullet hits the vase. You should be able to see it. (Courtesy of Rush Glick)

This isn't really a blooper either but why does Charlie explain why Warren T. Phelps, the family lawyer, is a suspect only at the end when he's about to explain who the murderer is?

. . . . .
In another mood for a spirited website?
It's in Chicago and has, among other goodies, pictures - both real and faked. I guess so you can compare!
So have a boo-tiful weekend!


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