Saturday, October 23, 2004

Mrs. Chan Strikes Again!

Mrs. Chan* has kindly allowed me to rerun her Beef Stew since she remembers what it's like on Halloween--She's all for fixing it beforehand so you can throw yourselves fully into the spirit of day and enjoy it with your kids!

She trusts you to use the beer or wine judiciously!!

*Mrs. Chan is also known as Becky Trusedale, my mother. That's how she'll be "costumed" for Rush Glick's Virtual Halloween Party on Monday, October 25 (8 - 10 PM, EST), if she's up to making it! Check the party out at!

Beef Stew
Salt, flour and brown two to three cups of chopped up meat in a dutch-oven. You can add beer or Port wine to the meat, using the wine when you use left-over prime rib roast. If you use beer, open the can and let it stand on the counter. If you get thirsty . . . remember water is healthier for you anyway!
Cook for 30 minutes in a skillet and then add to the dutch-oven:
Carrots, sliced
Lima Beans
Veg-all (R)
Tomatoes (big can, breaking up into chunks)
Garlic, chopped, minced, or dried (dried garlic should be put in the beer first)
1 tablespoon sugar
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
Bay Leaf or two
Let cook until a fork slides easily in and out.
Boo Apetit!


Blogger Chris M. said...

Hey Virginia.
I posted a recipe for a drink to go along with the honorable Mrs. Chan's Beef Stew. See my blog!


23/10/04 7:26 PM  

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