Sunday, October 17, 2004

Here a Character, There a Character, Everywhere . . .

Dead Men Tell has some incredible character actors (what Chan movie doesn't?) but DMT has a stellar trio!

Ethel Griffies, Lenita Lane and Milton Parsons make a re-appearance later in the Chan series together in The Castle in the Desert and are even "buddy-buddy-ier" then ever!

Two side notes: George Reeves (Bill Lydig) went on from his sole Chan performance to eventually play Superman on television from 1952 to 1957, imprinting himself on the Baby Boomer Memory until Christopher Reeve came along in 1978 to bring Superman to the Big Screen.

Paul McGrath (Charles Thursby) went in the other direction--in a matter of speaking. He became well-known as an actor between 1943 and 1954 for his voice work on radio!

He first appeared as an actor known as John Wayne in a radio soap opera called Big Sister and then known as Raymond, the host of The Inner Sanctum (1945 - 1952) on CBS and ABC's radio stations.

Now on to our two-timers:

Captain Kane of the Suva Star in Dead Men Tell
Paul Wagner in Charlie Chan in Rio

Captain Lewis in Charlie Chan in Panama
Jed Thomasson in Dead Men Tell

Patience Nodbury in Dead Men Tell
Lily, Madame Saturnia, in Castle in the Desert

HENDRIAN, Oscar "Dutch"
Miller, Test Plane Hijacker, Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Saloon Dance Extra in Dead Men Tell

LANE, Lenita
Dr. Laura Bonney in Dead Men Tell
Lucrezia "Lucy" Manderley in Castle in the Desert

Ship's Cook/waiter in Dead Men Tell
Armstrong's Butler in The Chinese Ring
Won Fai in The Golden Eye

Gene LaFarge in Dead Men Tell
Arthur Fletcher in Castle in the Desert
Mr. Grail, Undertaker, in The Shanghai Chest

Bartender in Dead Men Tell (uncredited)
Lt. Mike Ruark in The Shanghai Chest
Lt. Mike Ruark in The Golden Eye
Lt. Mike Ruark in The Sky Dragon


I am beginning a new Halloween feature today. I will be posting a (non-Chan) movie that will lend that certain Halloween feel to the cold, crisp fall weather!

Our first movie is 1935's WereWolf of London with Warner Oland, Charlie Chan himself, as Dr. Yogami. His first screen appearance takes a bit to get used to but his character is a lot more sympathetic then that of the hero played by Henry Hull in the title role.

It also has Ethel Griffies (Miss Nodbury in Dead Men Tell) in a small role as an
English lady who has a "thing" for her veil!

Have a spook-tacular time until next time!


Blogger Chris M. said...

Once again you forgot Tim Ryan's appearance as Foggy in "Dark Alibi", one of my favorite films.


17/10/04 10:53 PM  

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