Sunday, October 10, 2004

Charlie Chan's Secrets

Charlie Chan's Secret represents quite a mixed bag for the actors who appeared in it.

For instance: Herbert Mundin, who played Baxter the butler, died just three years later in a road accident.

Arthur Edmund Carewe had had a distinguished movie career that included the original versions of The Cat and the Canary (1927) and The Phantom of the Opera (1925). He also played a prominent part in The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933).

Tragically, Carewe suffered a stroke after CC's Secret that was debilitating enough that he killed himself.

Then we have the case of Edward Trevor who played Janice Lowell Gage's husband, Fred. He's listed in as having been in two movies besides CC's Secret: Way Down East in 1935 and The Fighting Judge in 1938. No other information . . . just the three movies.

Francis Ford (the boat captain in Secret) was the older brother of well-known director, John Ford, and who produced directed AND acted in movies until 1929 when he began acting exclusively. He also wrote some 23 movies between 1914 and 1928, one that he also acted in being The Chinatown Mystery--a very NON-Chan entry!

One side note about William Bailey (who plays Detective Harris): He played in The House Without a Key with George Kuwa as Charlie Chan!

CAREWE, Arthur Edmund
Ledoux in Phantom of the Opera
Harry Blythe in The Cat and The Canary (1927)
Sparrow in The Mystery of the Wax Museum
Professor Bowen in Charlie Chan's Secret

FORD, Francis
Captain Hallett in Charlie Chan's Greatest Case
Hewitt in Charlie Chan's Courage
The Boat Captain in Charlie Chan's Secret

Morton of Homicide in Charlie Chan's Secret
Wade in Charlie Chan at the Race Track

ROY, Gloria
Arlene in Charlie Chan's Greatest Case
Bit Part in Charlie Chan in Egypt (unconfirmed)
Carlotta, the Medium, in Charlie Chan's Secret
Mrs. Catherine Chester in Charlie Chan at the Race Track
Hat Check Girl in Charlie Chan on Broadway
John Gaines in Charlie Chan at the Circus

. . . .
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