Saturday, October 23, 2004

Chan Actors Haunt Museum!

What a perfect movie for Halloween! Charlie Chan has hidden rooms (for stashing people who aren't really there), crazy caretakers, radio technicians with lousy techniques, fires that don't burn and electric chairs that'll heat up stew for dinner!

To aid and abet Charlie in this little delight are:

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan

Victor Sen Yung (as Sen Yung): Jimmy Chan

C. Henry Gordon: Dr. Cream

Marc Lawrence: Steve McBirney

Joan Valerie: Lily Latimer

Marguerite Chapman: Mary Bolton

Ted Osborne (as Ted Osborn): Tom Agnew

Michael Visaroff: Dr. Otto Von Brom

Hilda Vaughn: Mrs. Joe Rock

Charles Wagenheim: Willie Fern

Archie Twitchell: Carter Lane

Eddie Marr: Grenock

Joe King: Inspector O'Matthews

Harold Goodwin: Edwards

Stanley Blyestone: Bailiff (uncredited)

Jimmy Conlin: (uncredited)

Charles Trowbridge: Judge (uncredited)

Emmett Vogan: Prosecuting Attorney (uncredited)

Today's recommended movie is one with Peter Lorre: You'll Find Out!

Peter Lorre shares screen--and scream--time with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi . . . plus Kay Kyser and his orchestra, featuring Ginny Sims.

It's not only a good "Old Dark House" mystery but it works both as a spoof of the genre plus as a spoof of the old radio game shows like Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge.

Definitely a keeper for anytime of the year but especially at Halloween!


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