Sunday, October 17, 2004

Blooping the Blues Away!

"Blooping the Blues Away" won't be difficult today since I only have two bloopers but at least one of them is willing to work for crackers!

The parrot needs voice lessons for one thing. He can't match his mouth moving to the noise he's making!

Early in the film, there is a scene with the captain sitting at a desk in an office smoking a pipe. His pipe keeps changing positions depending on the camera's angle, and whether he is shown up close or through the window. (Courtesy of John Cucinotta)

On a different note, those of you who have seen The WereWolf of London with Henry Hull may be acquainted with his sister, Josephine Hull. She was an equally good actress who left her own "Halloween" marks in the Cary Grant classic, Arsenic and Old Lace.

This is a character actor's haven on top of being one of the funniest movies ever made for All Hallow's Eve. It's even better when you can have Uncle Festus and a Munster or two over!


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