Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Melbourne Cup--A Program for Who's Running!

This week's movie, Charlie Chan at the Race Track, will be the fifth annual running in Rush Glick's Chat Room Monday. The gates open at 8:00 P.M. (EST) and posting will be at 8:30 P.M. (EST).

Our Chan correspondent in Australia will be Steve Rhodes, who will pick our horses for us. The person's horse that wins The Melbourne Cup will be sent a fifty cent Australian piece to commemorate the bet that Charlie makes on "nose of snozzola" (or words to that effect, to quote Lee Chan!).

Now to the program. CC at the Race Track has a very long cast of characters so we'll get to it!

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan

Keye Luke: Lee Chan

Helen Wood: Alice Fenton

Thomas Beck: Bruce Rogers

Alan Dinehart: George Chester

Gavin Muir: Bagley

Gloria Roy: Catherine Chester

Jonathan Hale: Warren Fenton

G.P. Huntley (as G.P. Huntley, Jr.)--Denny Barton

George Irving: Major Gordon Kent

Frank Coghill: Eddie Brill

Frankie Darro-"Tip" Collins

John Rogers: Mooney

John Henry Allen: "Streamline" Jones

Harry Jans: Al Meers

Sidney Bracey: Ship's Steward (uncredited)

James Eagles: Chick Patten (uncredited)

Robert Ellsworth: Cop (uncredited)

Eddie Featherstone: reporter

Sammy Fin: Gangster (uncredited)

Neiel Ftzgerald (undredited)

Paul Fix: Lefty (uncredited)

James Flavin: Detective at Headquarters (uncredited)

Sam Flint: Ship's Captain (uncredited)

Jack Green: Pinkerton Man (uncredited)

Ray Hanson: Third Officer (uncredited)

Eddie Hart: Detective (uncredited)

Sam Hayes: Announcer (uncredited)

Holmes Herbert: Chief Steward, Melbourne Cup (uncredited)

Lew Hicks: Cop (uncredited)

Robert Homans: Judge (uncredited)

Boothe Howard: Ship's Doctor (uncredited)

H. Bruce Humberstone: Gambler (uncredited)

Selmer Jackson: Mr. Lansing (uncredited)

Jerry Jerome: Chuck (uncredited)

Colin Kenny: Judge (uncredited)

Al Kikume: Plainclothes Policeman in White Suite (uncredited)

Wilbur Mack: Bookie (uncredited)

George Magrill: Detective (uncredited)

Clyde McAter: Pinkerton Man (uncredited)

Tom McGuire: Track Official (uncredited)

Ivan Miller: Wade (uncredited)

Lucille Miller: Secretary (uncredited)

Bruce Mitchell: Gateman (uncredited)

Jack Mulhall: Second Purser (uncredited)

William Oakley: Seaman (uncredited)

Pat O'Malley: Track Official (uncredited)

Leslie Sketchley: Seaman (uncredited)

Bobby Tanzel: Gilroy (uncredited)

Forrest Taylor: Man who says "I'll phone Al" (uncredited)

David Thursby: Steward (uncredited)

Harland Tucker: Gangster (uncredited)

Max Wagner: Joe (uncredited)

Robert Warwick: Police Chief (uncredited)

Billy Wagner: Smithers (uncredied)

Charles Williams: Reporter (uncredited)

Norman Willis: Gangster (uncredited)

David Worth: Detective (uncredited)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Rush Glick's November List of Chat Movies

I have decided to list the movies for November that Rush Glick has chosen for his chat room. They cover the whole series, from Warner Oland to Roland Winters (whose 100 birthday centennial is coming up on Nov. 22).

Good choosing--as always!--Rush


1--Charlie Chan at the Race Track (in honor of The Melbourne Cup)

8--City in Darkness

15-The Red Dragon

22-Docks of New Orleans (in honor of Roland Winters' Centennial Birthday)


29-Charlie Chan in Shanghai

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Halloween Nom De Chans Already Taken

I'm rerunning those nom de Chans that have already been taken to make it easier for others to pick one out for themselves for Halloween!

Aunt Ling

Black Hook

Dr. Cream

Eve Cairo



Inspector Mike

Lady Tiny

Madame Saturnia

Miss Finch

Mr. Manderley

Mrs. Chan

Mrs. Lowell

Mrs. Pendleton


Puzzums (aka Lucifer in CC's Secret)

Speed Patton


Tommy Chan

Plus, Rush has hinted that Ben Carter and Birmingham Brown
may make an appearance. Maybe they'll do one of their famous
conversation duets that we've seen and come to love from the
Charlie Chan movies!

A Virtual Halloween Party Menu!

Here is the menu for the
Virtual Halloween Party
At Rush Glick's Chat Room,
on Monday, October 25, 2004,
at 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. (EST)
* * *
Bloody Marys
Bat-Shaped Tortillas
with Exorcist Guacamole
and Bloody Salsa
Centipede Garlic Bread
Devil's Eyeball Eggs
Ghost Cookies
Halloweenie Dogs
Lady Fingers
Lots of "Spirits"
Spaghetti with Eyeballs
Vampire Cupcakes

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Mrs. Chan Strikes Again!

Mrs. Chan* has kindly allowed me to rerun her Beef Stew since she remembers what it's like on Halloween--She's all for fixing it beforehand so you can throw yourselves fully into the spirit of day and enjoy it with your kids!

She trusts you to use the beer or wine judiciously!!

*Mrs. Chan is also known as Becky Trusedale, my mother. That's how she'll be "costumed" for Rush Glick's Virtual Halloween Party on Monday, October 25 (8 - 10 PM, EST), if she's up to making it! Check the party out at!

Beef Stew
Salt, flour and brown two to three cups of chopped up meat in a dutch-oven. You can add beer or Port wine to the meat, using the wine when you use left-over prime rib roast. If you use beer, open the can and let it stand on the counter. If you get thirsty . . . remember water is healthier for you anyway!
Cook for 30 minutes in a skillet and then add to the dutch-oven:
Carrots, sliced
Lima Beans
Veg-all (R)
Tomatoes (big can, breaking up into chunks)
Garlic, chopped, minced, or dried (dried garlic should be put in the beer first)
1 tablespoon sugar
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
Bay Leaf or two
Let cook until a fork slides easily in and out.
Boo Apetit!

Chan Actors Haunt Museum!

What a perfect movie for Halloween! Charlie Chan has hidden rooms (for stashing people who aren't really there), crazy caretakers, radio technicians with lousy techniques, fires that don't burn and electric chairs that'll heat up stew for dinner!

To aid and abet Charlie in this little delight are:

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan

Victor Sen Yung (as Sen Yung): Jimmy Chan

C. Henry Gordon: Dr. Cream

Marc Lawrence: Steve McBirney

Joan Valerie: Lily Latimer

Marguerite Chapman: Mary Bolton

Ted Osborne (as Ted Osborn): Tom Agnew

Michael Visaroff: Dr. Otto Von Brom

Hilda Vaughn: Mrs. Joe Rock

Charles Wagenheim: Willie Fern

Archie Twitchell: Carter Lane

Eddie Marr: Grenock

Joe King: Inspector O'Matthews

Harold Goodwin: Edwards

Stanley Blyestone: Bailiff (uncredited)

Jimmy Conlin: (uncredited)

Charles Trowbridge: Judge (uncredited)

Emmett Vogan: Prosecuting Attorney (uncredited)

Today's recommended movie is one with Peter Lorre: You'll Find Out!

Peter Lorre shares screen--and scream--time with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi . . . plus Kay Kyser and his orchestra, featuring Ginny Sims.

It's not only a good "Old Dark House" mystery but it works both as a spoof of the genre plus as a spoof of the old radio game shows like Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge.

Definitely a keeper for anytime of the year but especially at Halloween!

Two-timer Tableaux in Wax!

We have a number of old stand-bys in our Monday night movie, Wax Museum, and all manage beautifully to create the spooky atmosphere of Dr. Cream's Museum of more than wax!

Backstage Cop (shoots Gravelle) in Charlie Chan at the Opera
New York Policeman in Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Line-up Officer in Charlie Chan in Reno
Bailiff in Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
Fingerprint Expert in Murder Over New York

Soldier in Charlie Chan in Panama
Edwards in Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

GORDON, C. Henry
John Ross in Charlie Chan Carries On
Van Horn in The Black Camel
Arthur Hughes in Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Prefect of Paris J. Romaine in City in Darkness
Dr. Cream in Charlie Chan in the Wax Museum

Thomas Mitchell in Charlie Chan on Broadway
Johnnie McCoy in Charlie Chan in Honolulu
Steve McBirney in Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

Lily Latimer in Charlie Chan in the Wax Museum
June Preston in Murder Over New York

Agnes, the Dresser, in Charlie Chan at the Opera
Mrs. Joe Rocke in Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

VOGAN, Emmett
Smitty, Wire-photo technician in Charlie Chan at the Opera
Ship's Officer in Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Hotel Manager in Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
Prosecuting Attorney in Charlie Chan in the Wax Museum
Mr. Hamilton in The Scarlet Clue
Henri Castanara in Docks of New Orleans
Doctor in The Sky Dragon

Willie Fern in Charlie Chan in the Wax Museum
Rausch in The Scarlet Clue*

*I recognize the actor who plays Willie Fern in Wax Museum when he's played in other movies like The Runt in the early years of Boston Blackie; but he just doesn't look the same as the guy playing Rausch in The Scarlet Clue.
I'd appreciate anyone who can correctly identify whether the other actor IS some other actor to post the comment here.

I'd like to recommend a Boris Karloff movie today for your Halloween pleasure. It's one that I hadn't been able to get my hands on until relatively recently . . . The Devil Commands.
Karloff plays a scientist who is researching an early device similar to what a lie dectector does today.
The Devil Commands starts off like You'll Find Out in every day life but soon gets down to spook business!
definitely one of Boris Karloff's best, at least in my humble opinion!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Technical Problems

I am unfortunately having to shut down
The Charlie Chan Annex for the
Time being due to technical problems
Beyond my control.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Blooping the Blues Away!

"Blooping the Blues Away" won't be difficult today since I only have two bloopers but at least one of them is willing to work for crackers!

The parrot needs voice lessons for one thing. He can't match his mouth moving to the noise he's making!

Early in the film, there is a scene with the captain sitting at a desk in an office smoking a pipe. His pipe keeps changing positions depending on the camera's angle, and whether he is shown up close or through the window. (Courtesy of John Cucinotta)

On a different note, those of you who have seen The WereWolf of London with Henry Hull may be acquainted with his sister, Josephine Hull. She was an equally good actress who left her own "Halloween" marks in the Cary Grant classic, Arsenic and Old Lace.

This is a character actor's haven on top of being one of the funniest movies ever made for All Hallow's Eve. It's even better when you can have Uncle Festus and a Munster or two over!

Here a Character, There a Character, Everywhere . . .

Dead Men Tell has some incredible character actors (what Chan movie doesn't?) but DMT has a stellar trio!

Ethel Griffies, Lenita Lane and Milton Parsons make a re-appearance later in the Chan series together in The Castle in the Desert and are even "buddy-buddy-ier" then ever!

Two side notes: George Reeves (Bill Lydig) went on from his sole Chan performance to eventually play Superman on television from 1952 to 1957, imprinting himself on the Baby Boomer Memory until Christopher Reeve came along in 1978 to bring Superman to the Big Screen.

Paul McGrath (Charles Thursby) went in the other direction--in a matter of speaking. He became well-known as an actor between 1943 and 1954 for his voice work on radio!

He first appeared as an actor known as John Wayne in a radio soap opera called Big Sister and then known as Raymond, the host of The Inner Sanctum (1945 - 1952) on CBS and ABC's radio stations.

Now on to our two-timers:

Captain Kane of the Suva Star in Dead Men Tell
Paul Wagner in Charlie Chan in Rio

Captain Lewis in Charlie Chan in Panama
Jed Thomasson in Dead Men Tell

Patience Nodbury in Dead Men Tell
Lily, Madame Saturnia, in Castle in the Desert

HENDRIAN, Oscar "Dutch"
Miller, Test Plane Hijacker, Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Saloon Dance Extra in Dead Men Tell

LANE, Lenita
Dr. Laura Bonney in Dead Men Tell
Lucrezia "Lucy" Manderley in Castle in the Desert

Ship's Cook/waiter in Dead Men Tell
Armstrong's Butler in The Chinese Ring
Won Fai in The Golden Eye

Gene LaFarge in Dead Men Tell
Arthur Fletcher in Castle in the Desert
Mr. Grail, Undertaker, in The Shanghai Chest

Bartender in Dead Men Tell (uncredited)
Lt. Mike Ruark in The Shanghai Chest
Lt. Mike Ruark in The Golden Eye
Lt. Mike Ruark in The Sky Dragon


I am beginning a new Halloween feature today. I will be posting a (non-Chan) movie that will lend that certain Halloween feel to the cold, crisp fall weather!

Our first movie is 1935's WereWolf of London with Warner Oland, Charlie Chan himself, as Dr. Yogami. His first screen appearance takes a bit to get used to but his character is a lot more sympathetic then that of the hero played by Henry Hull in the title role.

It also has Ethel Griffies (Miss Nodbury in Dead Men Tell) in a small role as an
English lady who has a "thing" for her veil!

Have a spook-tacular time until next time!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Dead Men Tell Who Is Who

We have a plethora of courageous actors in Dead Men Tell--They would have to be to deal with ghostly pirates, haunting music and murderous intent . . . but who is who . . . . Is there just one killer--or do the dead really come for you if it's your time . . . ?!

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan

Sheila Ryan: Kate Ransome

Victor Sen Yung: Jimmy Chan

Donald Douglas (as Don Douglas): Jed Thomasson

Kay Aldridge (as Katharine Aldridge): Laura Thursby

Paul McGrath: Charles Thursby, aka Mr. Parks

Truman Bradley: Captain Kane of the Suva Star

Ethel Griffies: Patience Nodbury

Lenita Lane: Dr. Anne Bonney

Milton Parsons: Gene LaFarge

Stanley Andrews: Inspector Vessey (uncredited)

Ralph Dunn: Homicide Desk Sergeant (uncredited)

Pat Flaherty: Policeman with checklist (uncredited)

Lee Tung Foo: Ship's Cook/waiter (uncredited)

Oscar "Dutch" Hendrian: Saloon Dance Extra (uncredited)

Tim Ryan: Bartender (uncredited)

. . . . .
Today's paranormal link is different. I came across this group on our cable system a week and a half ago and looked it up today on the internet. It's certainly different!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Charlie Chan Dictionary

We've been neglecting our Chan Dictionary entries of late so here we go for Dead Men Tell . . . .

AFT: At, in , toward, or close to the stern (rear) of a vessel.
(Charlie Chan: "Who occupies cabins aft?")

BELAYING PIN: A short, removable wood or metal pin fitted in a hole in the rail of a boat and used for securing rowing gear.
(Gene LaFarge: "I saw him trying to hit this young man with a belaying pin.")

FO'C'S'LE (forecastle): The upper deck of a ship in front of the foremast.
(Charles Thursby: "The music seems to come from the fo'c's'le.:)

LUBBER: (1) A clumsy person. (2) An inexperienced sailor; a "Landlubber."

NUMISMATICIAN (numatist): A specialist in or a collector of coins ad medals.
(Charlie Chan: [Referring to Jed Thomasson] " 'Numastician?'")

OCARINA: A small, simple wind instrument shaped like a sweet potato and usually made of terra cotta, with finger holes and a mouthpiece.
(Charlie Chan: "Have also heard music. Same comes from an ocarina, favorite instrument of ancient pirates.")

Real McCoy (informal usage): Authenticity.
(Bill Lydig: "Is it the real McCoy?")

. . . . .
Today's link is for kids!! Take a look at ! And I hope you Parents will take the look with your kids!
Okay, if this link doesn't work . . . I'm pullling it and feeding it to some hungrey alligators that haven't eaten since LAST Halloween!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

You Are Invited to a Virtual Halloween Party!

You are cordially invited to a
Virtual Halloween Party at
The Charlie Chan Family Home
In the Chat Room
On Monday Night
At 8:00 to 10: PM (EST),
Virtual Disguise requested
As a Chan Movie Character
. . . . .
Those characters already taken are:
Aunt Ling
Black Hook
Dr. Cream
Eve Cairo
Lady Tiny
Madame Saturnia
Miss Finch
Mr. Manderley
Mrs. Lowell
Mrs. Pendleton
Puzzums (aka Lucifer in CC's Secret)
Speed Patton
Oscar, the Lion (?)
. . . . .
Our Menu:
Bloody Marys
Bat-Shaped Tortillas
With Exorcist Guacamole
And Bloody Salsa
Centipede Garlic Bread
Devil's Eyeball Eggs
Ghost Cookies
Lady Fingers
Lots of "Spirits"
Spagetti with Eyeballs
Vampire Cupcakes
. . . . .
Our spooky link for today is
Yes, it not only covers my home state
but my home town, as well!
We couldn't let every "body"
else have all the fun!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Bonus Question Is No Secret!

They all involve Charlie flying by clipper!

And today's link is .

You'll find lots of history as well as spooks!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Another Secret Bonus Question

I decided to have another bonus question this week!

What kind of transportation do the following Chan movies have in common?

Charlie Chan's Secret

Charlie Chan at the Olympics

Charlie Chan in Reno

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

Charlie Chan in Panama

. . . . . .

Our Halloween link for today is It has a whole mess* of goodies!

* "Mess" for those who don't speak Texan/Southern means "a lot!"

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Charlie Chan's Secrets

Charlie Chan's Secret represents quite a mixed bag for the actors who appeared in it.

For instance: Herbert Mundin, who played Baxter the butler, died just three years later in a road accident.

Arthur Edmund Carewe had had a distinguished movie career that included the original versions of The Cat and the Canary (1927) and The Phantom of the Opera (1925). He also played a prominent part in The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933).

Tragically, Carewe suffered a stroke after CC's Secret that was debilitating enough that he killed himself.

Then we have the case of Edward Trevor who played Janice Lowell Gage's husband, Fred. He's listed in as having been in two movies besides CC's Secret: Way Down East in 1935 and The Fighting Judge in 1938. No other information . . . just the three movies.

Francis Ford (the boat captain in Secret) was the older brother of well-known director, John Ford, and who produced directed AND acted in movies until 1929 when he began acting exclusively. He also wrote some 23 movies between 1914 and 1928, one that he also acted in being The Chinatown Mystery--a very NON-Chan entry!

One side note about William Bailey (who plays Detective Harris): He played in The House Without a Key with George Kuwa as Charlie Chan!

CAREWE, Arthur Edmund
Ledoux in Phantom of the Opera
Harry Blythe in The Cat and The Canary (1927)
Sparrow in The Mystery of the Wax Museum
Professor Bowen in Charlie Chan's Secret

FORD, Francis
Captain Hallett in Charlie Chan's Greatest Case
Hewitt in Charlie Chan's Courage
The Boat Captain in Charlie Chan's Secret

Morton of Homicide in Charlie Chan's Secret
Wade in Charlie Chan at the Race Track

ROY, Gloria
Arlene in Charlie Chan's Greatest Case
Bit Part in Charlie Chan in Egypt (unconfirmed)
Carlotta, the Medium, in Charlie Chan's Secret
Mrs. Catherine Chester in Charlie Chan at the Race Track
Hat Check Girl in Charlie Chan on Broadway
John Gaines in Charlie Chan at the Circus

. . . .
How good a spook detective are you? Want to try and find out?
Then check out The Willard Library has ghost cams!!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

There's No Secret to Chan Actors!

Charlie Chan's Secret is one of the entries in the series where Charlie is "on his own"--no kids or chauffeurs around to help him.

While this didn't happen that often, Charlie still had help in the role of Baxter, the Lowell butler, played by the malleable-faced Herbert Mundin. Baxter/Mundin brought a special quality to Secrets. The role is somewhat suggestive of the later part of the Chan chauffeur, Birmingham Brown (Mantan Moreland), but is still memorable in it's humor as acted by Mundin.

Another thing about Secrets--and makes it perfect viewing for Halloween!--is the psychic aspect. Carlotta (Gloria Roy) isn't the only medium in the Chan movies. Pauline Moore's Eve Cairo (Treasure Island) is probably better known. Both parts are played to good effect, however, in the sense that they come across as women who you could really believe could contact "the other side" without any flim-flam about it.

Our cast of characters follows as I go check on the chains rattling in the attic.
Call the Ghost Busters if I'm not back in 10 minutes. On second thought--make it five!

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan

Rosina Lawrence: Alice Lowell

Charles Quigley: Dick Williams, her fiance

Henrietta Crossman: Henrietta Lowell

Edward Trevor: Fred Gage, Janice's husband

Astid Allwyn: Janice Lowell Gage

Herbert Mundin: Baxter, the Butler

Jonathan Hale: Warren T. Phelps

Egon Brecher: Ulrich, the Caretaker

Gloria Roy: Carlotta, the Medium

Ivan Miller: Morton, of Homicide

Arthur Edmund Carewe: Professor Bowen, Mrs. Lowell's advisor on psychic researtch

William Bailey: Detective Harris (not credited)

Francis Ford: Captain of the salvage boat (not credited)

James T. Mack: Fingerprint Man (not credited)

Jerry Miley: Allen Colby (not credited)

Landers Stevens: Coroner (not credited)

Sid Jordan: Expert Marksman (not credited)

Charles Ernest: Salvage Diver (not credited)

. . . . .
I'm back. It was just the neighborhood squirrels up in the attic. I just can't figure out how they ever managed to make those metallic chain sounds . . . .
Before I forget, today's occult link is to the Queen Mary. They even have a live cam (as opposed to what?!) that refreshes every 1.5 to 3 seconds. The haunting history of this retired grande dame of the seas has been highlighted on such shows as Unexplained Mysteries with Robert Stack.
So click on it, sit back and get ready for a hauntingly good time!

Some Not So Secret Bloopers!

It's blooper time in blogdom again and starts at the beginning of the movie!

A salvage crew has found a wreckage site that reportedly had Allen Colby aboard--just the man Charlie Chan has been hired to find.

The problem is that when Colby and his effects are brought up . . . his briefcase seems wet in the long shot but bone dry in the close up.

Chan inspects the papers inside the briefcase in the captain's cabin. The papers inside not only look dry but they look like they'd never BEEN wet!

Contrary to what may have been described as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay, it was more likely the unfinished Oakland Bay Bridge. (Courtesy of Rush Glick)

Allan Colby's lousy peripheral vision when he's killed at Colby House isn't any surprise to anyone who's seen enough old movies to realize that NOBODY in Hollywood apparently had any peripheral vision. The blooper is how did the murder manage to throw that big a dagger through that small a hole in the wall and hit a target that far away well enough to kill Colby?!

Dick Williams keeps changing how he rests his arms in the seance room at Colby House when he meets Alice Lowell there.

Just how does Allen Colby's body appear at the seance? For that matter, just who tried to kill him as described in his journal that Chan reads at the beginning of the movie?

This isn't strictly a blooper but . . . Chan puts a vase on the seance table after he's discovered how Mrs. Lowell was murdered. Freeze the frame when the bullet hits the vase. You should be able to see it. (Courtesy of Rush Glick)

This isn't really a blooper either but why does Charlie explain why Warren T. Phelps, the family lawyer, is a suspect only at the end when he's about to explain who the murderer is?

. . . . .
In another mood for a spirited website?
It's in Chicago and has, among other goodies, pictures - both real and faked. I guess so you can compare!
So have a boo-tiful weekend!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Charlie's Secret Bonus Question

I've been asking this question for a long time (among other questions and all the bloopers I could) and Mother teasing me about "ruining" the movies for her.

We were watching Charlie Chan's Secret for the umpteenth time and Dear Old Mom broke down and asked me this one:

Does Charlie bring a chemical analysis bag on each case? If he doesn't then how does he know which cases to bring it?

Now I tease her everytime SHE does it!! . . .

A new treat for Halloween is a link to a genuinely haunted house--Really!

The house is called Monte Cristo and it's located in Australia . . . I hope the spirit moves you while you're visiting it!