Thursday, September 09, 2004

You Can't Tell the Players without a Program!

Charlie Chan in Honolulu with Sidney Toler is one of the more delightful Chan movies, with Oscar the Lion and Eddie Collins as his companion just for starters!

So here are the jewels that go to making up another Chan masterpiece!

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Victor Sen Yung: Jimmy Chan
Phyllis Brookes: Judy Hayes
John "Dusty" King: George Randolph
Robert Barrat: Captain Johnson
Eddie Collins: Al Hogan
George Zucco: Dr. Corrigan
Claire Dodd: Elsie Hillman, alias Carol Wayne
Marc Lawrence: Johnnie McCoy
Layne Tom, Jr.: Willie Chan
Philip Ahn: Wing Foo
Paul Harvey: [Chief] Inspector Rawlins
Arthur Loft: Peabody
Grace Key: Mrs. Chan (not credited)
Florence Ling: Ling [Number 1 Chan Daughter]
Iris Wong: Number Two Chan Daughter
Barabara Jean Wong: Number Three Chan Daughter
Faye Lee: Number Four Chan Daughter
Margie Lee: Number Five Chan Daughter
Sinclair Yip: Number Three Chan Son
David Dong: Number Four Son
Frank Dong: Number Five Son
Richard Alexander: Tough Crewman Chomping Cigar as Jimmy Questions
(not credited)
James Flavin: Homicide Division Desk Officer (not credited)
Al Kikume: Police Officer Molokai (not credited)

I'd like to thank Rush Glick (for the umptheenth time) for my accessing his notes on Charlie Chan in Honolulu at as well as


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