Thursday, September 02, 2004

What DID They Have in Mind in Black Camel?!

We have something of a blooper bumper crop in The Black Camel!!

See if you can spot these bloopers!

Shelah Fane's early scene on the beach with the surfer . . . they shift places depending on the camera position.

Keep an eye on both her hair color and that of Julie O'Neill (her secretary).

When Julie O'Neill pulls up behind him, Alan Janes is sitting in his car near Fane's tent. If he's waiting for her, why does she leave the tent and go AWAY from his car. If he's not waiting for her , why is he there?

Next thing we know, Shelah and Alan are in his car going down the road. Did someone miss a scene, cut it or is this just another blooper?!

When Fane gets out at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel to meet Tarneverro she tells Jayne to come early that night for her party. He promises to come "hours early." Is this another appointment that they got messed up and he was stuck with the other party guests?

When Tarneverro is paged during his visit with the MacMasters, they refer to him as "Jimmy." If his name is "Arthur" (as we find out later in the movie), why do they call him "Jimmy?"

Tarneverro tells Charlie that he is not in Honolulu for professional reasons, to tell fortunes. Later in Chan's car he confesses that Shelah did come to him for "advice."

When Chan questions the MacMasters again, he talks like they had seen just that morning. Possibly such a scene was filmed but not used?

If Alan Jaynes really loved Shelah Fane, why did he keep trying to get out of town instead of staying and trying to find her killer? (Courtesy of Mrs. Chan, aka Becky Truesdale)

The biggest blooper? Arguably, why didn't everyone who knew Denny Mayo realize who Tarneverro was?!?!


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