Friday, September 17, 2004

The Scarlet Clue Word Power

Here are our entries for the Chan Dictionary from The Scarlet Clue:

BATTLE-AX (OR BATTLE-AX) (slang): a woman held to be antagonistic or overbearing.
(Willie Rand: "Oh-oh, the 'battle-ax.'")

GOLD DIGGER (informal): A woman who seeks money and expensive gifts from men.
(Captain Flynn: "She used to be a 'gold digger.'")

MUG (informal): (1) The human face; the area of the human mouth, chin, and jaw;
(2) A thug, a hoodlum.

MUG SHOT: A photograph of a person's face, especially one made for police files.

RADAR: (1) A method of detecting distant objects and determining their position, velocity or other characteristics by analysis at very high frequency radio waves reflected from their surface.
(2) The equipment used in such detection.

TELETYPE: Trademark name of a device that can send typed messages over telephone lines to a receiving device.


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