Monday, September 27, 2004

Rush's Halloween Movies!!

It's time to get in the mood for Halloween, folks!!

Get out your pumpkins and witches' brooms and spider webs for Rush's selections for the always haunting month of Halloween time!!


October 4: Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight

October 11: Charlie Chan's Secret

October 18: Dead Men Tell (They do to Charlie!)

October 25: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (What more could you ask for? Spooky rain . . . oddball characters . . . hidden rooms . . . working electric chairs . . . bodies all over the place!)

So light the fire, pop the corn, pour the soda, turn off the lights and hope that you're only hearing tree limbs scrapping the house outside!



Blogger Chris M. said...

Hey, feel free to advertise my special feature from my blog. Cyberspace in moving into a haunted house on Thursday. Special host and special guests every Thursday!!


28/9/04 10:03 AM  

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