Sunday, September 12, 2004

A Mixed Honolulu Bag

Tonight we have one blooper and one bonus question.

I hope to end up with more after viewing the movie with everyone on Monday night!!

The blooper is courtesy of Rush Glick--if I goof it up, Rush, email me and I'll correct it promptly! . . .

Detective Hannigan (Richard Lane) has a gun on him at the end that Charlie missed. (This is besides the fact that it was a mistake to begin with trying to outwit Charlie!

The bonus question is what do Honolulu and Dark Alibi have in common?

So enjoy the movie!


Blogger Rush Glick said...

Dear Virginia,

You got the "blooper" right! In a potentially disasterous slip of the mind, Charlie forgot to have a certain bad guy searched for a gun! Fortunately, this criminal didn't take advantage of Mr. Chan's apparent slip. Of course, always at least a step (or two!) ahead of all of us, Charlie Chan just MAY have unloaded the gun earlier at some opportunity unseen by all of us (just as he had another weapon in the same film)!


13/9/04 2:21 PM  

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