Tuesday, September 21, 2004

An Island of Blooper Treasures

We have something of a treasure trove of bloopers this week!

For starters, just who really is Dr. Zodiac? Okay, this may seem to be a bonus question but it's a blooper the way they cast it! They want you to think that the Turk (Trevor Bardette) is Dr. Zodiac but . . . . Does he really have the time to change into that get-up after letting Charlie, Pete Lewis, and Rhadini in? And does that really sound like the Turk's voice, even in disguise?

Watch for when Charlie walks up to the Zodiac house by himself. A black cat crosses his path!

The taxi driver who deposits Charlie, Lewis and Rhadini at Dr. Zodiac's drives off without his fare!

When our fearless threesome have broken into Zodiac's house, they find his blackmailing vault where he keeps file drawers of information on various people. Charlie starts a fire with the contents of only a few files out of a few drawers. The others are kept closed when Chan closes the vault door. Question: wouldn't that limit the potential for fire damage to the files, not to mention the house?!

There is a major blooper between when Eve Cairo is levitated and when Jimmy Chan is: Rhadini shows there is nothing under the table before he levitates Eve. The trick is shown up when Jimmy gets on the table. Rhadini shows the space under the table and there is clearly a dummy of Miss Cairo on the under side of the table that comes up as Jimmy's side goes underneath, sending him through a trap door to the basement.

Jimmy goes onto the stage to make an announcement for Charlie. The jacket he puts on has one shoulder exaggerated to accommodate all of Rhadini's tricks stored inside.


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