Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Black Camel Cast--A Story in Itself!

You could have fun just thinking about who played who in The Black Camel!

Bela Lugosi and Dwight Frye had just appeared in Dracula as His "Vampirship(!)" and as the unfortunate Renfield. Frye had ironically played Fritz to The Monster, played by another Chan alumni, Boris Karloff, from Behind That Curtain.

Robert Young (Jimmy Bradshaw) and Sally Eilers (Julie O'Neill) would go on to appear together again in Remember Last Night?

Let's just settle for the moment to aqcuaint oursleves with who is who in The Black Camel:

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Bela Lugosi: Tarneverro
Robert Young: Jimmy Bradshaw
Victor Varconi: Robert Fyfe
J.M. Kerrigan: Thomas MacMaster
Marjorie White: Rita Ballou
Mary Gordon: Mrs. MacMaster
C. Henry Gordon: Van Horn
Robert Homans: Chief of Police
Dwight Frye: Jessop
Sally Eilers: Julie O'Niell
Violet Dunn: Ann
Dorothy Revier: Shelah Fane
Richard Tucker: Wilkie Ballou
Murray Kinnell: Smith
Otto Yamaoka: Kashimo
Rita Rozelle: Luana
Wlliam Post Jr.: Alan Jaynes
Louise Mackintosh: Housekeeper (uncredited)
Hamilton Macfadden: Movie Director [Val Martino] (undredited)
Melvin Paoa: Hawaiian Beach boy (uncedited)
Ivy Ling(!): # 1 Daughter
unknown: Miss Dixon


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