Thursday, August 05, 2004

Two-Timers in The Shanghai Cobra

No, no, not THAT kind of two-timers!!

These are actors who appeared in two or more of the Chan movies and helped to make these such memorable movies by their presence:

[He of the Beef Stew!]
Ship's Radio Operator in Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Bus Driver in Castle in the Desert
Hotel Boorman in The Chinese Cat
Joe, Coffee Shop Owner in the Shanghai Cobra

Detective at headquarters in Charlie Chan at the Race Track
Policeman in Charlie Chan on Broadway
H.R. Jarvis in The Shanghai Cobra

LOFT, Arthur
Peabody in Charlie Chan in Honolulu
Inspector Jones in Charlie Chan in The Secret Service
Bradford Harris in The Shanghai Cobra

R.J. Godley in Charlie Chan in Panama
John Adams in The Shanghai Cobra

STUTTENROTH, Gene (aka Roth, Gene)
Luis Philipe Vega in Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
Morgan in The Shanghai Cobra


Blogger Chris M. said...

Pete, Coffee Shop Owner in the Shanghai Cobra

I thought the name of the Coffee shop was Joe's! Should they have a "Joe" own the shop then? Or call the coffee shop Pete's. Sheesh!! :)

5/8/04 2:24 PM  

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