Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Sky Dragon's Actors!

Here is this week's cast list for Sky Dragon, and a very full list of great character actors it is, too!

Roland Winters: Charlie Chan
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown
Noel Neill: Jane Marshall
Tim Ryan: Lt. Mike Ruark
Iris Adrian: Wanda LaFern
Elena Verdugo: Connie Jackson, alias Marie Burke
Milburn Stone: Tim Norton
Lyle Talbot: Andy Barrett
Paul Maxey: John Anderson
Joel Marsten: Don Blake
John Eldredge: William E. French
Eddie Parks: Jonathan Tibbets
Louise Franklin: Lena Franklin (maid)
Lyle Latell: Ed Davidson
Steve Pendlton: Ben Edwards, Guard (as Gaylord Pendleton)
Bob Curtis: Watkins (uncredited)
George Eldredge: Stacey (uncredited)
Suzette Harbin: Maid # 2 (uncredited)
Edna Holland: Demanding Old Woman Passenger (uncredited)
Charles Jordan: Stage Manager (uncredited)
Lee Phelps: Detective at Airport Gate (uncredited)
Emmett Vogan: Doctor (uncredited)
Joe Whitehead: Stage Watchman (uncredited)

I have a question about this list that I would like your input on: Should I list aliases and "aka's" if they have been known to give away the bad guy in other stories?

Thanks a lot!


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