Monday, August 09, 2004

The Shanghai Cobra Bloopers and Bonus Questions

Today, we have a "2-fer!"

We have two bloopers and a bonus question!

The first blooper is famous--or infamous!--in Chandom: The scene at the beginning of the movie when Charlie Chan is leaving the Federal Building in Washington, D.C. He passes a flagpole that's flying the California State Flag instead of the Stars and Stripes.

And if that's not enough, the area around the Federal Building is almost empty of people, including the street where there is one stray taxi to do Charlie's biding! This was to be Wartime Washington when it should have been busy, busy busy.

This leads to our Bonus Question: What does The Shanghai Cobra have in common with Dark Alibi?

Our second blooper involves a past case that Charlie talks about in The Shanghai Cobra eight years before in Shanghai. Charlie had been involved in the apprehension of Jan Van Horn in there. The screwy part was that once Van Horn was in the police boat with the police, they were all standing instead around instead of sitting. It made getting off easier for Van Horn by his throwing the cops off balance and then escaping by jumping into the river.

(Next time, sit him down and handcuff him to the railing!)

Now for the bonus question answer: Dark Alibi and The Shanghai Cobra: Both had a scene early in each film involing the safety deposit vault of some bank.


Blogger Chris M. said...

Let's hear it for Virginia, The Queen of Bloopers!!!


10/8/04 2:23 PM  

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