Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Mother Chan's Beef Stew for Watching The Shanghai Cobra!

Mother Chan, in this case, is actually Becky Truesdale, a lady with a deep and long love of the Orient, including Chinese detetives who live in Hawaii and have even more children then she does!!

She has allowed me to use her recipe today since it would be so approriate for our next Monday Night at the Movies--The Shanghai Cobra! And even better when the weather gets cold and rainy!

(I'm already planning a raid on her cookbook to get her cornbread recipe "sprung" soon to go with the stew. . . . She just doesn't know it yet!!)

Mother's Beef Stew

Salt, flour and brown two to three cups of chopped up meat* in a dutch-oven.

Cook one large, white, cut-up onion plus four stalks of celery that have been cut into one inch pieces and cooked until carmelized over low heat for about 30 minutes in a skillet.

Then add to the dutch-oven:
2 Large Potatoes, diced
Carrots, sliced
Lima Beans
Tomatoes (big can, breaking up into chunks)
Garlic, chopped, minced, or dried (dried garlic should be put in the beer first)
1 tablespoon sugar
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
Bay Leaf or two

*Add beer or Port wine (optional), using the wine when you use left-over prime rib roast. If you use beer, open the can and let it stand on the counter. If you get thirsty . . . remember water is healthier for you anyway!

Let cook until a fork slides easily in and out.

Becky G. Truesdale

(Mother hasn't been able to join in with the rest of us as she'd like so she's letting this be a contribution from her for all the kind thoughts and fun our fellow Chanites have sent her way. It's a tasty contribution to the usual things on our beverage cart she gave us several months ago for Rush's Chat Room, don't you think?!
Now . . . to figure out how to liberate the cornbread . . . hmm.)


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