Friday, August 13, 2004

The Man Who Never Was in Charlie Chan at the Olympics

A quick but thorough glance over the list of actors for Olympics can still surprise us. . . . Did you know that John Carradine, delicious actor in his own right and father to David and Keith Carradine, was in Olympics?

Yes, he was . . . and no, he wasn't.

His scenes were deleted and we'll never know just what part this great actor would have played in Charlie Chan at the Olympics!

Another surprise in Olympics is Katherine DeMille. In her private life, she was the daughter of the famed director, Cecil B. DeMille, by adoption when she was nine years old.

Katherine Demille later married actor Anthony Quinn (from 1938 to 1963) and they tragically lost a son to drowning reputedly in W.C. Fields' swimming pool.


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