Thursday, August 19, 2004

Cruising the Bloopers Away!

This week's Bloopers are also early this week, again in a spirit of fair play, so you can see if you can catch them and/or any others!

If you do, you can spring them on me next Monday night!

Blooper number one involves the beggar. (As a matter of fact . . . this is a good bonus question for whoever gets it!) Watch him carefully . . . is he the villain . . . or just an innocent bystander?

Blooper number two comes courtesy of KenD over at CCMB! ". . . after Inspector Duff is murdered, Charlie, Jimmy and Willie are shown driving back to the hotel. The beggar approaches Charlie . . . notice Charlie is NOT wearing his ring . . . the camera angle changes . . . he is now wearing his ring."

Thanks, KenD!


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