Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Charlie Chan Library

I'm adding a new book to our Charlie Chan Library.

Or should I say book series??!

Because I will be periodically adding the Charlie Chan Series written by Earl Derr Biggers and used as a basis for the movies!

This week is Charlie Chan Carries On, written in 1930.

It was originally made the following year in what would become one of the "lost" Chan movies that Warner Oland did using the same name as the book. Eran Trece was made just a few months later in Spanish for Latin audiencs with Manuel Arbo as Chan and the same sets.

Eventually it was remade in Hollywood in 1940 as Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise with Sidney Toler and brought the script up to date using current world events involving international plane spies.

A great book with top movies made from it!


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