Sunday, August 22, 2004

Charlie Chan Carries On and On and On . . .

A big thank you to Mrs. Pendleton for giving me the idea about both of the remakes of Charlie Chan Carries On!!

Both Eran Trece and Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise are, of course, both remakes of one of the "lost" Chan films made from the book of the same name, Charlie Chan Carries On.

One of the differences between Eran Trece and the original Carries On is the talented Brazilian, Raul Roulien, who plays Max Minchin.

Mr. and Mrs. Minchin entertain in the Spanish version but I'd like to pay tribute to Mr. Roulien. He was not only a gifted actor and singer in Eran Trece but he managed to be equally so in English as well!

I'd like to strongly recommend Flying Down to Rio where he played Julio Rubiero against the then-new team of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. While they debuted the Academy Award winning Carioca, Roulien held his own to sing Orchids in the Moonlight to the beautiful Delores del Rio. You just can't get more romantic than this movie.

Viva el senor Roulien!

Orchids in the Moonlight
(Rudy Vallee)
When orchids bloom in the monlight
and lovers vow to be true,
I still can dream in the moonlight
Of one dear night that we knew.
When orchids fade in the dawing,
They speak of tears and "goodbye!"
Tho' my dreams are shattered
Like petals scattered
Still my love can never die.


Blogger Chris M. said...

Very nice article, Virginia. I've considered doing a Wednesday feature on the remakes. I'll have to keep you article in mind when I come to Carries On.


22/8/04 1:44 PM  

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