Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Cast of Charlie Chan at the Olympics

This is our entry for this week's movie, Charlie Chan at the Olympics, with many of our favorite character actors and some extras who were interesting on their own!

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Katherine DeMille: Yvonne Roland
Pauline Moore: Betty Adams
Allan Lane: Richard Masters
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
C. Henry Gordon: Arthur Hughes
John Eldredge: Mr. Cartwright
Layne Tom, Jr.: Charlie Chan, Jr.
Jonathan Hale: Mr. Hopkins
Morgan Wallace: Honorable Charles Zaraka
Frederick Vogeding
(As Frederik Vogeding): Inspector Strasser
Andrew Tombes: Chief of Homicide E.R. Scott
Arno Frey: Carlos, Zaraka's Henchman
David Horsley: Test Pilot Edwards
Howard C. Hickman (as Howard Hickman): Police Doctor
John Carradine (scenes deleted)
Brooks Benedict: Thug (uncredited)
Stanley Blystone: New York Policeman
Walter Bonn: Polizei Officer (uncredited)
Don Brode: Radio Announcer (uncredited)
Glen Cavender: Polizei Officer (uncredited)
George Chandler: Ship's Radio Operator (uncredited)
Hans Fuerberg: Polizei Radio-car Officer (uncredited)
Teresa Harris: Black US Team Member On Sidleines
Rooting for Jesse Owens (uncredited)
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian: Miller, test plane hijacker (uncredited)
Selmer Jackson: Navy Commander (uncredited)
Edward Keane: Army Colonel (uncredited)
Al Kikume: Uniformed officer microphone/desk in police staion (uncredited)
Tommy Klein: (uncredited)
Philip Morris: Cop (uncredited)
Virgil B. Nover: (uncredited)
Jesse Ownens: Himself (in stock footage) (uncredited)
Paul Panzer: German Undercover Officer Posing as a Snack Vendor (uncredited)
John Peters: Polizei Radio-car Officer (uncredited)
Caroline Rankin: Miller's Landlady (uncredited)
Perry E. Seeley: (uncredited)
Lee Shumway: Cop (uncredited)
Minerva Urecal: Gang Member Posing as Olympics Matron (uncredited)
Dale Van Sicke: (uncredited)
Emmett Vogan: Ship's Officer (uncredited)
Wilhelm von Brincken: Polizei Officer (uncredited)
Billy Wayne: Ship's Steward Guarding Stateroom (uncredited)


Blogger Chris M. said...

Hi Virginia,
What a stellar cast this is!! Just one question, I know you got this list from the Family Home website but, how did we find out John Carradine was in this film and what scene, with him in it, was deleted?

Chris M.

11/8/04 9:14 PM  

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