Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Answers for the Olympic-Style Bonus Questions

Do you have the answers already?

Then you know that what Olympics and Opera have in common is . . . Lee is a pickpocket!

In Opera, Lee picks pockets on behalf of his father. "Pop" needs fingerprints to compare with those he found on the florist's card left behind in Mme. Borelli's dressing room so Lee goes on a filching spree lifting several cigarette cases!

Lee "liberates" a telegram from Arthur Hughes' pocket after Hughes had "borrowed" it from Yvonne Roland's book.

What Olympics, Monte Carlo and City in Darkness have in common is a set: it's used for the spies' headquarters in Olympics, climax in Monte Carlo, and the murder room in City in Darkness!


Blogger Rush Glick said...

Dear Virginia,

Due to my busyness yesterday, I was unable to take a good look at your site! If I had, I would, perhaps, had the answers to your trivia questions during the movie last night! keep up the great job! It is still fun to review them after the fact, though...


17/8/04 9:43 AM  

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