Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Charlie Chan at the Opera Cast of Characters

You can't tell your characters without a probram!

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Boris Karloff: Gravelle
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
William Demarest: Sergeant Kelly
Guy Usher: Inspector Regan
Margaret Irving: Mme. Lillie Rochelle
Gregory Gaye: Enrico Borelli
Nedda Harrigan: Mme. Anita Borelli
Frank Conroy: Mr. Whitely
Charlotte Henry: Kitty Rochelle
Thomas Beck: Phil Childers
Maurice Cass: Mr. Arnold
Tom McGuire: Unidentified (Script Name: Morris)
John Bleifer: Murdered Orderly
Stanely Blystone: Backstage Cop (shoots Gravelle)
Benson Fong: Opera Extra
Harrison Greene: Bit
Selmer Jackson: Hudson, wire-photo technician
Gladden Jones: Secretary
Fred Kelsey: Dugan, Policeman
Lee Shumway: Sanatarium Guard
Hilda Vaughn: Agnes
Emmett Vogan: Smitty, Wire-photo Technician
Joan Woodbury: Solo Dancer


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