Saturday, July 24, 2004

The Cast for The Feathered Serpent

Here's the list of the cast to make
watching more enjoyable!
Roland Winters:  Charlie Chan
Mantan Moreland:  Birmingham Brown
Keye Luke:  Lee Chan
Victor Sen Yung:  Tommy Chan
Robert Livingston:  Professor John Stanley
Beverly Jons:  Joan Farnsworth
Martin Garralaga:  Pedro Lopez
George J. Lewis:  Captain Juan Gonzalez
Charles Stevens:  Manuel (thug leader)
Nils Asther:  Professor Paul Evans
Carol Forman:  Sonia Cabot
Leslie Denison:  Professor Henry Farnsworth
Erville Anderson:  Professor Scott
Jay Silverheels:  Diego (thug with knife)
Fred Cordova:  Felipe (undercover agent)
Juan Duval:  Dr. Castalare
Frank Leyva:  Jose (undercover agent)
Milton Ross:  Pete (a thug)


Blogger Chris M. said...

A comment you might want to make is this is Keye Luke's first appearance as Lee Chan since Monte Carlo.

24/7/04 2:48 PM  

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